Leaping from one new Microsoft technology to the next - hoping that the next LINQ will be the LINQ home

CodeMash 2010 Talk

clock January 16, 2010 06:07 by author Michael

I gave a talk on different techniques and design patterns for programming applications that support multi-core computers.  The Powerpoint and VS2010 Beta 2 based demo code can be find here: CodeMash2010 - Techniques for Programming Parallel Solutions.zip

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.NET Rocks

clock October 26, 2003 12:43 by author Michael

The .NET Rocks session just finished up.  It was great.  I really enjoyed how all of the panelists came up with a quick sarcastic answer before giving a real answer.


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PDC Pre-Conference

clock October 26, 2003 12:41 by author Michael

The XML and Web Services Pre-Conference was great.  Don Box, Martin Gudgin, and Tim Ewald were fanastic.  The key the thing I learned is that I need to get going with WSE.  Tim's final point was start working with WSE because that will help you in getting ready for Indigo.


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PDC 2003 Registration

clock October 26, 2003 02:50 by author Michael

It is Sunday.  I got in line before 7 AM to check in.  Have your badge and a photo ID ready.  It went quick.  You get coupons to get your materials and your t-shirt.  In your bag is Office 2003 Pro.  The T-shirt says on the back "I was there at the beginning...  .NET Longhorn, Yukon, Whidbey.  The important disks will not be available until 11:45 AM on Monday.  Now I am off to the Marketplace which opens in 10 minutes, then off to Don Box's Pre-conference.  I have updated my pictures this morning.


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The PDC "Circus"

clock October 26, 2003 02:16 by author Michael

On Sat.  I walked to the LA Convention Center to get the look of the place.  It was very quiet and very empty.  During the week it can be a "real" circus. I took a number of pictures.  Wireless access is everywhere.  You will see a number of stands that have access points on top of them.  One of the network operators said that there are 130 APs around the site.  There is an Xbox game room, where you can battle others playing Halo.  The pictures can be found here.


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