One of the reasons that I have not been posting was that I was tied up doing a lot of customer support for several electric utilities.  These support cases started well before the blackout.  I do know that out Tech Support was called to help a number of power plants dump their respective data and logs as part of the investigation.  My test system in the office can log nearly 2 million events and 10 million sensors readings per day.  It will take some time to syncrhonize all the data from 100 power plants and determine the sequence of events that led to the blackout.  It is interesting to live in Twinsburg, just a few miles from where several of the failed power lines are located.  I also work a couple of miles from First Energy's Eastlake plant.  Every day the local news and TV stations present some new piece of information or new video footage.  Today, they had amateur footage from just before the blackout which showed a power line arcing to a tree.


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