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About Me

Welcome to my Web site!

Hello, my name is Michael Slade and I am from Twinsburg, Ohio.  Twinsburg is one of the outer ring suburbs located southeast of Cleveland, Ohio and northeast of Akron.  I am a senior applications programmer with Progressive Insurance since July of 2007. Prior to Progressive, I was a senior software engineer with ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, and worked for them for nearly 22 years.  I built applications that ABB's customers used to automate their chemical, power, and manufacturing plants. 

I have earned:

Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Cleveland State University

Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Dayton

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Dayton


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .NET

Microsoft Certified Application Developer for .NET

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for VS 6.0

Among the products of ABB that I was involved with include:

Process Portal A - Plant Operator's Console

Process Portal B - Plant Operator's Console

semAPI - Real-time link between Infi-90 control system and Windows applications

XRS-90 Data Acquisition System

Expert 90 - Real-time embedded expert system

Gensym G2 Real-time Expert System interface to Infi-90 using semAPI.


I have been a project manager on several projects and a lead engineer on others.   I have worked on internal research projects, and have been on-site developing customer solutions in both Australia and Scotland.  My specialty is in enterprise application integration, particularly in the area of advanced business intelligence, knowledge management, and artificial intelligence applications.  I have also worked on several real-time data warehousing applications.  My primary Windows development expertise is real-time thread design, inter-process communications, and SQL Server stored procedures.   Process control applications typically require the highest performance, using a minimum of resources.



A detailed resume is available on request.  Use the contact page to send a request or send feedback about this site.